Wednesday, August 4, 2010

something for the men

i felt so taken in by these men who know how to dress according to their own style. there's something about european men that dress so slick and fashionable, although of course there are other styles i admire. these men are older but still know how to dress. it's all about the fitted jacket right now. i wish i could go to italy just so i could sit on a bench and watch people as they go by, admiring what they're wearing.

ph: the sartorialist
how come italian and parisian men always look so classy?
(no matter the age?)

ph: the sartorialist
neutral colours with white.

ph: the sartorialist
he looks so fresh and so clean clean in all white.

ph: sarar spring 2010
just add a white polo under a fitted jacket.

anthem song for today:

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