Friday, August 13, 2010

cirque mystique

i forgot to post up the last fashion show i did for John Casablancas graduating fashion students. the theme was "CIRQUE MYSTIQUE." all things circus. think britney spears, acrobats, cotton candy, jugglers, jokers, clowns... the students did a fantastic job with the setup (popcorn and candy to nibble on as guests watched the show) and outfits of course.

i'm the geisha looking clown. haha... my eyelids were heavily painted on with purple glitter. it was literally heavy. the makeup artist had me lie down and paint on the glitter so it wouldn't get everywhere. i had to fight to keep my eyes open the whole night. i should have gone out afterwards with all the work they did on me, but alas, i didn't. i stuck around for the after party, at least.

what the heck were we doing?

oh yes! we were reading. love william faulkner.

models on their bb's.

shoes galore!

look at those lids! it was insane!

our agent came for some support.

can you find me?

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