Sunday, July 18, 2010

how you are

"'It's just the whole way you're made. What you say - how you walk - the way you look right this minute -' He saw she had melted a little, and his hopes rose. 'Tomorrow is Sunday, and usually I work on Sunday, but if there's anything you're curious about in Hollywood, any person you want to meet or see, please let me arrange it.'

'You're very modest,' she said. 'You always talk about showing me the studio and taking me around. Don't you ever stay alone?'

'Tomorrow i'll feel very much alone.'

'Oh, the poor man - I could weep for him. He could have all the stars jumping around him and he chooses me.'

ph: sarar spring 2010

'I'm a weak woman,' she said. 'If I meet you tomorrow, will you leave me in peace? No, you won't. You'll make it worse. It wouldn't do any good but harm, so I'll say no and thank you.'"

-The Last Tycoon by: F. Scott Fitzgerald.

ps- does this sound familiar, byron?

pps- i'm super stoked for this week. i have some modeling gigs lined up, but will tell you afterwards for fear of speaking in vain.

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