Thursday, July 8, 2010

a day at the cafe

if i was to go to a cafe for the day this is what i would do:

1.  i would choose an exotic location like the CAFE DE FLORE in paris.

ph: cafe de flore

2. i would wear something flouncy and light to be comfortable in all day.

ph: etro spring 2010

3.  i would bring along some magazines, books, pen and paper.

ph: apartamento magazine

4.  i would bring my camera to capture all the interesting passerbyers who catch my eye.

ph: byron

5.  i would buy a cafe latte, b/c i luv lattes, with extra foam.

ph: cafe de flore

6.  i would perhaps try to make conversation with intellectuals. ;)

7.  i would end the day with a delicious gelato.

all this while listening to the lovely hindi zahra sing "imik smik."

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