Saturday, May 15, 2010


the big word: LOVE.
why is it hard to say i love you sometimes?
why is it hard to say how you feel?
why are we so selfish sometimes?

"But on top of everything else, a tenderness for this man Peter welled up inside me. Flowed slow as molasses into my toes and my fingers trying to type my letters, all to the tip of my nose, the glands in my throat. 'Love you.' Couldn't describe it no other way. Felt then like I'd felt plenty times before, that I could see why people end up saying the same cliche love words over and over again. Wasn't no new words to describe it, something old as man, warming as food. Now melded with all kinds of things. Things I never dared dream of."
-Tide Running.

"Love is not premeditated- it is spontaneous; that is, it bursts forth in extraordinary ways."

"Love is an indefinite thing to most of us; we don't know what we mean when we talk about love."
-My Utmost for His Highest.

"I don't believe in marriage. at best, it's a happy delusion. it's two people who truly love each other and have no idea how truly miserable they're about to make each other. BUT when two people know that and they decide with eyes wide open, to face each other and get married anyway, then i don't think it's conservative or delusional, i think it's radical and courageous and very romantic.
-friend of Kahlo and Rivera.

"My father reached up and traced the line of my mother's nose and brought his finger over her two lips. As he did, the lips parted ever so slightly. 'You have to lean down,' he said. 'I'm still a sick man.' And I watched as my parents kissed. They kept their eyes open as they did, and my mother was the one to cry first, the tears dropping down onto my father's cheeks until he wept too."
-The Lovely Bones.

"Bright star, would i were steadfast as thou art."
-John Keats.

"Heart, we will forget him, You and I, tonight! You must forget the warmth he gave, I will forget the light.
When you have done pray tell me, Then I, my thoughts, will dim. Haste! ‘lest while you’re lagging I may remember him!'"
-Emily Dickinson.

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