Monday, May 3, 2010

art walk

after church today i went to the art walk that was happening in kits/westpoint grey/dunbar/kerrisdale area.

i saw some photography, painting, drawings, ceramics, mixed media and hand felting.

deborah bakos lives in a beautiful 3 story home in kits.
her paintings are influenced from living in turkey.
her "swing" paintings where the ones are in motion
were when she was in a stressful part of her life.
the "swing" paintings that are still represents her finding peace.

suzanne starr makes genuine smoke-fired vessels.
every one is original. it cannot be copied.
first she throws it, then alters it,
then burnishes it, then applies a "skin."
i like the ones with real fossils applied to the top of a vessel.

the last house i went to i enjoyed the most.
(mostly because i adored the house and the interior decorating.)
the 3 artists displayed mixed media and painting.


i liked the small bookcase full of books with a sliding ladder!
(just like beauty and the beast).
and the old wooden chair with a 10 lb. english dictionary on it.
and the old piano with music notes lying on the bench.
and a musical score sitting on a window ledge.
and her black and white striped rug.
and her white fireplace.

they were so nice.
and from new york too!

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