Thursday, April 8, 2010

a release

i woke up today and decided to play the piano again. the last time i played was 3 weeks ago which was harder for me to play more than this time around. the last time i played before 3 weeks ago must have been at least 8 months ago or longer.

i used to hate playing the piano cuz it was a chore, but now i like it more cuz i can play at my own freedom.

i played some old duke ellington songs, one of them being "solitude." my mom recognized it when i played it. and my favorite: "i believe i can fly." it sounds so powerful on the piano. i can still play that song with gusto.

then i whipped out my royal conservatory level 8 book. that was hard. i played pieces by wolfgang amadeus mozart, "canon" by bela bartok (i remember my piano teacher had an appreciation for that composer), allegras and sonatinas by johann sebastian bach and frederic chopin.

i was struggling, playing these pieces, but i like the struggle. the concentration. the focus. don't have to worry or stress in that moment. in that moment, i am solely focusing on the sharps and flats set before me.


ps- beethoven's famous "moonlight sonata".
alicia keys also used it as her opening song for one of her cds.

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  1. I'm glad you're back playing the piano :) - Katelyn


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