Wednesday, April 21, 2010

kashiwa daisuke

i don't know about this japanese artist (i'm assuming he's japanese?), but i found a compilation of his songs on youtube. his songs are mixed with piano, guitar, and electronic sounds. so amazing. how the songs are intense and then very soft.

i really like "stella", because it reminds me of when i went to this performance in malaysia with byron. we sat down with about 20 other people in this small room and we were suppose to be looking at this wall that had images projected onto the wall. there was an open balcony with white curtains flowing in the wind. it looked like it was somewhere in the middle east. they made drops of water noises, bicycle noises, chimes in the wind noises... i closed my eyes for the whole performance, taking it all in.

i really want to post "stella," but i think a lot of you might get creeped out by the music. so i'll post "rabbit's quartet too," which is a more uplifting song that sounds like there are violins playing.

ps- yeasayer tonite. i'm soo stoked!

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