Monday, April 12, 2010

i collect rocks

"I collected as a child. Uncle Wilfred saved his Anthony and Cleopatra cigar boxes for me and I left them open in the sun until most of the pungent smell baked away. I kept arrowheads I found in one; buttons, beads, and pretty rocks in others. In shoe boxes, I saved paper dolls with costumes from around the world, postcards, seashells, and tightly folded triangular notes tossed to me in school by Johnny, Jeff, and Monroe. My oddest collection was brochures."

i adore my postcards. 40 and counting...

i collect money?!

shells from greece, hawaii, philippines, thailand, mexico...

i got this muumuu in malaysia.

i am a dedicated accessories fanatic. espesh towards silver.

"Collecting, like writing, is an aide-memoire."
"Bella Tuscany" by Frances Mayes.

*listening to "four floors" by sunday girl.

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