Tuesday, February 23, 2010

JJ market

Chatuchak weekend market, also known as simply JJ market.

we took a little trip there. the weekends are always fun. we look forward to shopping at the markets or chilling at the parks. i didn't take any detailed pics though. all you see is an outside glimpse of the market, no inside look-sees. again, mariko took the more detailed pics. she's more the photographer than i am.

the market has everything from used converses to clothes to car parts to art to animals to couches to jewelry to cowboy boots to lamps to handmade crafts. whatever you can imagine it's more than likely found there.

light accessories. i snagged a line last year, dangling on my mirror at home.

i luv this lady listening to her radio while she waits for customers.

the covered tents. hot and sweaty, but still a cooler alternative than to walking around outside.

hey ya!

you need an umbrella when you walk around outside.

spicy som tam salad. mmmmmm...

i like going there to try and find the little treasures that might be past by. i might have one more weekend, so i'll try to make it there one last time. and afterward, i'll go next door to the chatuchak park and lie down on the grass and relax from a crowded day at the market.

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