Sunday, January 24, 2010

you take your car to work, i'll take my board

a group of us went wakeboarding at the thai wakepark yesterday. (that's the name of the park, original eh?)

i had the day free. so we went at 11am and stayed til 6:30pm when it got dark. what a fun and exhausting day! my first time wakeboarding was last year at camsur in the philippines. the wakepark in the philippines is the top place in the world. i forgot how much of a strain it is on my body!

ilya's back

the scary corner

i forgot how scary it is going around corners and trying not to wipe out. it's very tense. turning the last corner of the park is the scariest, cuz it whips you.

aaron, shaka to your momma

i caught the guy jumping off the ramp

he landed the trick

i am soooo soooo sore na! :( but it's a feel good type of sore. the type of sore that you're proud of. cuz you worked yourself out and now can kick back and rest for the evening.

sunset at the park

the line-up

phil, the rayban wearer

now i'm going to go get a massage. i can barely pull up my pants, cuz of my arms! haha...
until next time...

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