Monday, January 25, 2010

he's just NOT that into you

while i chomp on carrots and cherry tomatoes and heal from my wakeboarding day...

the humour post of the day-  '10 things to note that he's just NOT that into you':

1. he asks you to do his laundry for you.
2. he prefers to go to the spa and get a manicure and pedicure done.
3. he asks you if you want to go see the icicles at the north pole.
4. he pretends to be hurt from playing badminton.
5. he decides to join the military.
6. he's more interested in playing bejeweled on his iphone than in you and your hazelnut soy latte.
7. he tells you that he is allergic to homebaked lasagna.
8. he has to spend all day shopping for the perfect hair dye colour with his mother.
9. he has to go to crochet class with his gramma.
10. he says that he's going to a celine dion concert.

thanks mikey, for participating in being my uninterested guy

don't ask me how i came up with those ideas! haha...

ps- i bought ant spray! yesss...i'm gonna kill those little buggers!

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