Saturday, January 30, 2010

frida kahlo

frida kahlo and diego rivera. they met when she was still a student and he was an established painter.

she admired his work and submitted her work to him to ask him if she had what it took to become a painter like him.

not only did rivera admire her paintings, but he admired her as well. and so, being the ladies' man that he was, she fell in love with him. they married.

they had a tumultuous relationship. he cheated on her with many model subjects. in return, she cheated on him with his subjects, with men and women. there was a struggle between both of them to be the bread winner.

their relationship fell apart when kahlo caught rivera cheating on her with her sister.

they separated and divorced. but in the end, before kahlo died, they remarried, because they realized they couldn't live without each other.

"you have been my comrade and my best friend, but you have never been my husband."
-Kahlo to Rivera.

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