Thursday, January 7, 2010

check on it

i want to personally share some inspiring blogs that i follow:

1. "2 or 3 things i know"
this girl named cerre (with an accent on the last e) started this blog about design, architecture and craft. i found out about her through tiffany (a photographer and another talented individual). i have no idea how old she is or what she looks like. but the way she talks, makes me feel like she is somewhere in her late 20's, with an impressive amount of knowlege in arts.

her blogs are beautiful. she knows about some of the most talented people in the arts world. photographers, painters, weavers, designers, directors, can find some of them in her blog. she opens you up to a creative world you may not have known before.

2. "n/a"
this is my sister and her friend's blog. they are some cool chicks. they started up kind of a fashion/daily life blog. they are so knowledgeable about fashion, that i find it hard to catch up! geez, and i thought i was the fashionista. haha... kids these days... haha... they came up with the title "n/a" cuz "n" stands for natasha my sister and "a" stands for alison, her friend. i like it though. cute.

3. "oh so coco"
this blog is done by none other than coco rocha, the supermodel herself. i've been a lover of her ever since i knew she was from vancouver and have friends who've gushed about her wonderful personality and distinct catwalk. i met her once, nice girl. it's interesting to follow her and see what's up with a model's life. (well, i mean one that makes a lot of money and constantly has jobs...unlike me...haha).

4. "tavi"
this little girl (yes little) is the cutest! she's 13 and has taken the fashion world by storm! i don't even know her whole story yet. how she got discovered? how she started to get invites for front row seats to fashion shows? how she knows so much about fashion? all i know is that less than a year ago, she came into the picture with amazing, off-kilter, outrageous outfits and i guess being 13 and with a vast amount of fashion knowledge was readily accepted into the fashion clan. (i still find it crazy to think that fashion editors world round, probs even anna wintour, read her blog).

5. "vanessa jackman"
this lady used to be a lawyer turned street photographer now. she takes pictures of street fashion at the fashion shows and wherever she travels, but i think mostly in europe. she knows a lot of people in the fashion industry and so has the privilege of taking pictures of editors, models, designers, and fashion intellectuals alike. i luv looking at her pictures, because these people have style. (i also am an avid follower of they are so bold, courageous, intricate, detailed or in luv with what they wear. some of you may think it looks funny, but guaranteed next year...BAM! it will be in style. they are just the leaders, a year ahead.

ps- listening on my internet radio, batanga mexicana music.

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