Monday, November 30, 2009

go shawty it's my burfday

it was my birthday nov.29. i celebrated half of it at pattaya beach (never going back, long story). left pattaya at 3am and arrived at home at 6am. slept in and then worked out and then went to this place to celebrate the other half of my bday.

this place was so cool. they constructed this floor like a pool and then if you look closely, the table is a diving board. they're creative, eh? the dinner was at Greyhound Greenspace at Central World Mall on the 18th floor. killer view. 3 different dining areas. live music.

a small group of friends. i like small groups better than big ones.
you can talk to everyone and everyone is included in the convo.
from this group, we have toronto, russia, seattle, texas, vancouver and philadelphia.

the purple tube actually changed colors. when we got in at 8pm, the servers said that the whole place was reserved. i was like yah rite! then 10pm hit and here's all these people.

believe me when i say bangkok has one of the worst traffic in the world.
this is at 10pm at nite. maybe that's why we go out at 12am or take alleyways for shortcuts.
it was a good birthday.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

i waited til i saw the SUN

...don't know why i didn't come. i left you by the house of fun. don't know why i didn't come. i...don't know why i didn't come. i luv norah jones.

i have an amazing view from my balcony. ok, well not amazing like "the sutton place hotel downtown penthouse suite." hahaha...but when i wake up i like to eat my cereal and read my devotions on the balcony ledge. i have a good view of the day to day activity. i watch my local soi 36 people start up their day. see the people playing tennis to the left of me, listen to the boy play piano directly across from me in his home, see my favorite fruit lady push her cart to her usual corner on sukhumvit, hear the motorbikes noisily race on by, see the kids walk to school in their uniforms and watch the dedicated security guards who start at all times of the day down below me.

as some of you already know, i'm in luv with sunsets and sunrises. no matter if i capture a sunset from the same view everyday, it's still unique to me. you can see from the pics these sunsets are captured from the same view from my balcony. the second pic, with the purple dusk falling and enveloping everything, is absolutely surreal. that one late afternoon, the sunset had already gone down and everything was a light purple color. it was magical.

Monday, November 23, 2009

move into the country, gonna eat a lotta peaches

on saturday i went with mikey to the mountains. i have no idea what the mountains were called. something like bahnluknut or something like that. it reminded me of palawan and the caves or tagaytay and their volcanoes in the PI. it was a 2 hr van ride up. then we went for brunch and ate fresh fried chicken, papaya spicy salad, purple sticky rice and pork ribs. mmmmmmmmmmm ...

after that, we went for a coffee (cappuccino for me) and blueberry cheesecake, chocolate cake and fruit sponge cake down the road. it was the cutest, quaintest little spot. chairs and tables were set up in the garden under umbrellas. i felt like i was in anne of green gables' yard. the restaurant was along the highway and the coffee garden was along the highway too. it reminds me kind of like oliver, lisa. ya know how homes and vineyards are directly off the highway?

mikey invited me to go for the day, cuz it was for a networking event. the coolest one ever: for the mercedes benz class club. all of these people who collect and drive mercedes. i was just his sidekick. before the dinner started, we met a highly respected elite who owns a couple of cars, including a ferrari, lambourghini and porsche. but who cares about that? his house was beautiful, designed like a temple. and his little dock led to a homemade cave in the back. he has his toilet, sink, closet, and bed there. so home-like.

then we celebrated the mercedes benz class party outside of his house. there was an exclusive 1955 benz,.
where there are only about 1200 left in the world. daddy, you would have loved to be there seeing all those varieties of benz '. that nite was the coldest nite ever in bkk. i was freezing and it might have been only 15 degrees celsius. but it was in the mountains with mosquitoes.

what an amazing day. my favorite one to date as of being in bkk.

LITTLE thoughts

1. i just thought about my birthday the other day, and MOTHER OF PEARL, it's almost end of november na! it's my birthday in literally 6 more days. crazay. and i'm going to be 24. wait a minute. that sounds so very weird. maybe cuz i'm stuck on being 17 still...
2. i am now represented by 4 agencies! yay! Super Red, JIM, IZ, and WM model management. i'm freelancing so it should be good. it's a slow market rite now though.
3. i forgot about the mosquitoes. it's not bad and not a lot in the city. but it's annoying cuz these bites turn into little red bumps and leave marks.
4. ohlalalalalalallaaaaaa! i found a condo yo! last year i lived on sukhumvit soi 38. and this year i live on sukhumvit soi 36. rite in my previous hometown. so i know my hood pretty well. if you compare my area to vancouver, i live in the south granville area. so i'm close to downtown. it's busy but not touristy busy.
5. the weather. it is so not completely hot or humid at all. well, in my comparison to last year when i was there in may, now it is much cooler. it feels like 27/28 degrees celsius. last nite i was cold and i was in jeans and a cardigan. i'm so used to the weather here. i guess i'm well adjusted. i like the heat.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i had 2.surprises. yesterday.
first one: as some of you know i wanted to surprise my friend britt who is also modelling in bkk. so yesterday, i called her up and she was so confused at first. i was like,. i'm in bkk! she was so excited and so happy. and me likewise. as you can see we are some happy birds.right now. and can continue our crazy antics now...

second one:. isabelle, you are going to laugh when you see this. me and iz 'ex-booker from last year, ake, was at koi restaurant yesterday nite. he was shocked. me. just as equally.he couldn't believe that i was here. but i found out he is no longer with my ex-agency. he's now a freelancer and direct books jobs. so he said he'd call me if there was a direct booking for me.

ps-i'm still not over my jet lag yet! weird, schmeird. 4 days of jet lag and tiredness. hmmmmmmmm...

Monday, November 16, 2009

the memories come back

first pic: some essentials for the plane. a hard read and an easy read.

second pic: a 2 hr stopover in korea. i ate some kimchi soup. i like the yellow vegetable. it tasted like a beet.

third pic: hey look! there's a thai mcdonald's! haven't tried it. they say it tastes just like american or canadian mcdonald's. jimmy and i walked around on thong lor (pronounced tong law) and then chilled on J Ave., a mini shopping area.

fourth pic: went to my usual haunt i went to last year: koi restaurant. models nite on tuesday and saturday nites. it looks bright and sunny, but it's just strategic lighting in the right places.

fifth pic: afterwards, we ended the nite watching a thai band rock n' roll it up. they were pretty fun. head bopping. this was at narcissus club and lounge. it's huge 2 floors. oh! and i saw some close friends from last year surprisingly! i was so happy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

sawadee kha

i'm living on asok at a friend's for the first few days.
now i'm looking for a cheap condo to rent out for 3 months.
there's some good deals but i need to check them out first.

when i got in yesterday everything was so familiar and i could feel all the nostalgic feelings come back to me. the humidity, the smell of the flowers they hang in the taxi, the driving on the right side of the car, the sweat (yes, the sweat), the blasting aircon, the thai language (it's slowly coming back to me)...

i couldn't wait to eat at the food stalls again. this morning i had a canteloupe shake for 20 baht (0.80 cents) and an omelette on rice for 20 baht (0.80). things always taste better when they're cheaper. haha...(well, not always)

now i have some appointments today with agencies.
we'll see what happens with that. the internet doesn't work on my laptop right now, so i can't upload pics. will be nice to finally get settled in my own place and get comfortable.

i gotta get going before there's a downpour. i don't have an umbrella. shoots.

Friday, November 13, 2009

in the air

i'm hanging out at Incheon Airport in korea.
listening to "hellhole retrace" by girls.
it's been quite the flight so far. left vancouver at 11:10am to seattle.
left seattle at 1:20pm. arrived at korea at 5:40pm THE NEXT DAY.
so now it's the 13th and will arrive in bangkok at 12am the 14th.
i'm not complaining, i like long flights. it's just my upset stomach
and tiredness getting in the way of the excitement.

i still have a half hour to kill. what to do?
i guess i'll board the plane.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i'm leavin on a jet plane

i'm off for bangkok. yet again.
here's hoping to lotsa modeling jobs and new experiences.

i needed to get outta town. needed a change. sometimes i like change.
in this case, i do. i need the heat. i luv asia.

so here i come, ready or not!

ps-credit the plane pic to my friend byron who took it.