Saturday, December 26, 2009

when you wanna go surfin, surfin BKK!

i'm goin to the islands down south rite now! for new years. this will be my first time. i never went last year, cuz i didn't take advantage of the time i had. so now i am.

me and the boys are goin to phuket first, then phi phi (nicest island?), then ko samui (old people and honeymooners go there), then krabi (rockclimbing), then ko phanagan (for full moon new years party).

we're gonna take a 12 hr bus ride at 6pm. so it will be from 6pm to 6am. don't worry guys i bought lotsa stuffs to keep myself amused and comfortable: water, snacks, drinks, headrest, flashlight (uhhh, i dunno), maybe a deck of cards, a book...ya know. this will be an interesting ride. will give you all the deets when i get back.

phi phi

ko samui

ps- won't be on the internet at all. maybe once. so cya next week in 2010!

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