Monday, November 16, 2009

the memories come back

first pic: some essentials for the plane. a hard read and an easy read.

second pic: a 2 hr stopover in korea. i ate some kimchi soup. i like the yellow vegetable. it tasted like a beet.

third pic: hey look! there's a thai mcdonald's! haven't tried it. they say it tastes just like american or canadian mcdonald's. jimmy and i walked around on thong lor (pronounced tong law) and then chilled on J Ave., a mini shopping area.

fourth pic: went to my usual haunt i went to last year: koi restaurant. models nite on tuesday and saturday nites. it looks bright and sunny, but it's just strategic lighting in the right places.

fifth pic: afterwards, we ended the nite watching a thai band rock n' roll it up. they were pretty fun. head bopping. this was at narcissus club and lounge. it's huge 2 floors. oh! and i saw some close friends from last year surprisingly! i was so happy.

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